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The School is looking for contract instructors to teach the following courses (please note the terms); descriptions of each course can be found in the Carleton Calendar (www.carleton.ca/cuuc) and the schedule for each course can be found on www.bitdegree.ca; qualified candidates should have at least a Bachelor`s degree in related engineering or computer science disciplines, with possible industry experience and can show knowledge in the area of the course being taught. Contract Instructors are paid in accordance with the normal University pay scale and governed under CUPE4600. Please contact Chris.Joslin@ w88Việt nam www.kertaslaminasi.com with a copy of your current CV and any information on teaching experience - positions open until filled

  • IRM3003 - Legal Issues (Fall/2018)
  • IRM4004 - Big Data Analytics and Applications (Winter/2019)
  • IMD1000 - Introduction to Interactive Multimedia & Design (Fall/2018)
  • IMD2900 - Design Studio I (Winter/2019)
  • IMD3002 - 3D Computer Graphics (Winter/2019)
  • IMD4005 - Advanced Topics in Multimedia (Winter/2019)
  • NET4003 - Computer Architecture (Winter/2019)
  • PLT3003 - Electro Magnetics I (Fall/2018)
  • PLT3009 - Project Management (Winter/2019)
  • PLT4007 - Introduction to Solid State Physics (Winter/2019)
  • PLT4000 - Introduction to Quantum Information (Fall/2018)
  • PLT4004 - Biomedical Photonics (Winter/2019)
  • PLT4006 - Image Processing (Fall/2018)

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Information Technology offers four distinct programs in collaboration with w88Việt nam Algonquin College geared towards the high-tech industry and the current trends of today; these programs are as follows:

Interactive Multimedia & Design

Interactive Multimedia & DesignThe four-year w88Việt nam Interactive Multimedia & Design (IMD) program is aimed at students who are both artistically inclined and technologically adept. w88Việt nam [READ MORE]

Network Technology

Network TechnologyThe four-year w88Việt nam Network Technology (NET) program focuses on the design, installation, operation, and management of future complex information networks such as those that make up the Internet w88Việt nam [READ MORE]

Photonics & Laser Technology

Photonics & Laser TechnologyThe four-year w88Việt nam Photonics & Laser Technology (PLT) program is aimed at students who are interested in the latest technologies for advanced manufacturing, biomedical instrumentation, high speed communications, lighting and displays. The PLT program is focused on the design, installation & operation of laser and photonic components and systems. [READ MORE]

Information Resource Management

Information Resource ManagementThe four-year Information Resource Management (IRM) program has been designed to educate students in handling the massive amount of digital information produced by private and public sectore companies. The IRM program is focused on indexing, storing, presenting, and designing interfaces to access the wealth of digital data.w88Việt nam [READ MORE]

Graduate Programs

The School of Information Technology offers several graduate-level programs: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) . This program is in collaboration with 13 different Schools and Departments, ranging from Architecture and Industrial Design to Computer Science, Business, Psychology, and Journalism.

Digital Media/Network Technology

Information TechnologyThe Master's & PhD degree in Digital Media (DM) is open to students from a wide variety of interdisciplinary backgrounds in the Digital Media; the program has been specifically designed for students who are interested in combining both artistic and technical skills in Animation, Game Design & Development, and Visual Effects. The Master's degree in Network Technology is focused on students who wish to gain a more in-depth understanding in Networking, Network Design & Planning, and Network Management.

Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer InteractionThe Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) is open to students from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds in the human, technological, or engineering sciences. It offers students an opportunity to explore their native discipline in more depth while also gaining insight into the language and constraints that specialists in other disciplines in the HCI field work under. w88Việt nam