Graduate Programs

More than ever before, information technology specialists need a deeper understanding of their field. Master’s and PhD degrees offered by the School of Information Technology address the needs of industry and society in this area, providing students with the skills they will need to succeed in this demanding and ever evolving field.

The School of Information Technology offers several graduate programs:

General Information

  • Graduate programs at CSIT offer attractive financial support packages
  • Graduate program are either research‐based or course‐based
  • DM program is research‐based which means a major component is working on a research project and preparing/defending a thesis based on it. This should involve novel ideas and significant work.
    • Master's programs usually take 2 full years. The breakdown of these two years depends on the students. The most common pattern though is fall/winter of the first year to take courses, the rest working on thesis research. Students may or may not register in the summer of their first year. Most students finish in 2 years but some earlier or later.
    • There is one required course (Intro to IT), 3 out of a group (including advanced animation, game technologies, visual effects, interaction tech, data science, etc), and 1 elective.
    • The coursework is generally done in university. The rest depends on students and their research supervisor. Keep in mind that 2‐year program assumes full‐time status. Working on your thesis takes time and outside employment will make it longer.
    • The program allows you to learn new concepts and develop new skills, or improve your existing ones. It also allows you to work on novel ideas. Together these should make you more competitive in industry. Hopefully you will also make new connections as many research projects have industry partners. The 2 actual career path depends on what students do, very similar to your undergrad studies. Think of it as a second chance to improve yourself.
    • Financial support exists in the form of scholarship (based on GPA mainly), TA job, and research assistantship (provided by research supervisor, depending on availability of project funding). It is typical to make about 15K per year, although more is possible too if your project or you have external funding.
    • Admission to DM program requires a research supervisor. It is strongly advised that you contact faculty members and get the approval of your potential supervisor prior to applying
  • Master’s program in NET is course‐based which means students will take more courses, and have no thesis or major research component. They will perform a final project that demonstrates what they have learned.
    • NET program is also expected to take 4 or 5 terms (16 to 20 months) depending on the student.
    • Students in NET program may receive financial assistance in the form of scholarship and TA job.

Current Students

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