Potential Supervisors

Areas of Research

Computer Games, Virtual Environments, and Related Technologies (AA, AW, RT, WS)

  • Educational and Serious Games AA, AW, WS
  • Gamification AA, AW, WS
  • Game User Interfaces RT
  • Player Modeling AA
  • Procedural Animation AA, CJ,
  • Procedural Graphics AW
  • Virtual Environments AA, AW, RT

Human-Computer Interaction (AA, AG, AW, RT, AM, LF)

  • Deformable Materials and Displays AG
  • Multimodal and Natural Interfaces AA, AG, AW, RT, LF
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality AA, RT
  • Input devices and technologies RT
  • Wearable Technology AA, AG, AW, RT, LF

Computer Graphics and Animation (AA, AW, CJ)

  • Procedural Animation AA, CJ
  • Procedural Graphics AW
  • Facial Animation AA

Intelligent Systems and Data Science (AA, AW, RY, WS, OS, LF)

  • Machine Learning AW, RY, WS, OS
  • Data Privacy WS
  • Big Data Analytics WS, OS
  • Personalized Recommender Systems AA, WS, OS
  • Data Modeling, Analysis, and Visualization WS, OS
  • Social Networks RY, WS, OS
  • User Modeling AA, LF

Signal and Image Processing (AW, CJ)

  • Medical Imaging CJ
  • Signal and Image Compression CJ
  • Computer Vision and Image Processing AW

Information Systems and Applications (AA, AG, AW, WS, OS, LF)

  • Educational Technologies AA
  • Health Technologies AG, AW, WS, OS, LF

Computer Networks, Communication, and Internet Technologies (AM, MSH, RY, WS, OS)

  • Cloud Computing and Web Services MSH, RY, WS, OS
  • Internet of Things AM, MSH, RY, WS, OS
  • Location Verification on the Internet AM, WS
  • Mobile Computing MSH
  • Network Architecture MSH
  • Network Optimization MSH
  • Network Planning MSH
  • Network Security AM, RY, WS
  • Software-Defined networking AM, MSH, RY, WS
  • Distributed Computing WS
  • Wired and Wireless Communication Networks MSH